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How to Start or Improve your Homeschool - Workshop

Are you a parent interested in homeschooling? Do you want to start homeschooling your child but don’t know where to start? Our 24/7 Homeschool workshop will provide you with the resources and guidance needed to start a successful homeschool or improve your current one.

Why should parents learn this:

Homeschooling is a big decision and could have significant implications for your child’s, and as a parent, you want to ensure that you are prepared and can offer your learners the best educational opportunities and experiences available.

How will this workshop help you:

This workshop will provide you with the information and resources needed to start and operate a successful homeschool.


  • Understanding your State Homeschool Laws and what resources are available

  • Adjusting your mindset to build your homeschool

  • Parent Qualifications and Understanding your strengths and weaknesses as a homeschool educator

  • Understanding your child as a Learner

  • Choosing your Homeschool Learning Method

  • How to structure your homeschool

  • Selecting your curriculum or courses

  • How to save $$$ Homeschooling

  • Finding Homeschool Support

  • Access to our homeschool mentorship network

  • 3 Month access to our virtual co-op program (For learners 11 and up)

You should complete this workshop if you are:

  • Considering homeschooling

  • Have decided to homeschool and are unsure what is available

  • Have started homeschooling, but still feel lost

  • Feel like your homeschool journey could be better

  • Want to have different curriculum options explained

  • Are feeling overwhelmed by homeschooling

Attendance and Technology Requirements:

This workshop is available via one of our Virtual  Classrooms and can be accessed by any smart device with internet access.  (Learn and participate anywhere you can access the internet)

Other Needs:

  • A notepad and pen

Program Duration:

  • Four weeks, with additional follow up

Approximate Time requirements:

  • 12 Hours: (Four - 1 hour live group sessions with a live Mentor, 8 Hours, self-paced with additional mentorship follow up)

At Graduation You Receive:

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Portfolio of completed work and proof of performance