Effective Teaching for New Teachers and Homeschool Parents
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Effective Teaching for New Teachers and Homeschool Parents

Teaching in a classroom or homeschool setting can be a daunting and intimidating task for new teachers and homeschool parents. There are a few misconceptions around teaching that stop people from wanting to take on the responsibility of teaching like:

  • I have to be a content expert in the subject I teach.

  • I have to be a strong disciplinarian to teach.

  • I have to have years of education and experience before I can be an effective educator.

  • Teaching my child stops me from having a job or doing anything else.

  • I have to be a screamer to have effective discipline in my classroom or homeschool.

This workshop will help you develop a working understanding of modern and effective teaching strategies that you can apply in any classroom or homeschool situation. The workshop is based upon the Success Driven Education Model Teaching framework which supports learners at any level to go beyond memorization and meeting requirements to creating value with what they learn. There is no one size fits all to teaching, and we guide our participants on how to find their voice as an effective educator.

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