ADVISORS: (Lead Educator)

24/7 Learning Academy is the school of the future, designed to prepare students to be thriving entrepreneurs, college graduates, and global leaders of innovation and social justice. We are dedicated to ensuring that all students, regardless of race, location, and income, have access to a quality education. With the combination of project-based and personalized learning, real-world experiences, leadership development, and extensive use of technology, we are working tirelessly to be a transformative experience for Future Leaders (students), families, and our communities.


Lead an on-site and remote team to build a local 24/7 Learning Academy microschool by establishing site-specific culture, schedules, processes, and procedures, where educators on the team will:

  • Design or customize experiential, project-based learning arcs for the class to create activities that are relevant and real-world

  • Curate individual learning experiences based on each student’s abilities, needs, and learning approach to construct and exhibit core competencies

  • Utilize dynamic instructional grouping to meet the needs of all learners

  • Determine students’ academic and social emotional learning goals and ensure that they’re met

  • Use the resources of the city and community to create an education that is relevant and real

  • Communicate learning targets and outcomes to colleagues, parents, and students on a regular basis

  • Collect and use data to collaboratively identify goals, assess organizational effectiveness, and promote organizational learning alongside educators


  • A minimum of 5 years experience working in high school classrooms or equivalent experience in inspiring students or young adults to reach their potential
  • Experience in non traditional teaching, ie. Montessori Method, PBL,   (i.e. comfortable with role of a guide)

    • Skilled Observer:

    • Creative Facilitator:

    • Character Builder:

  • Special Education certificate and experience or the equivilant

  • A passion for project based learning and connecting curriculum with life experience


    • A self starter who is looking to break the mold of traditional classroom teaching by creating a community of passionate lifelong learners

    • A futurist who is committed to blending technology, entrepreneurialism, service learning, and student generate learning plans into the classroom of tomorrow.

    • A successful role model for young adults who is striving to engage deeply with life’s challenges and be a force for change in the world

    • A collaborator who is excited to work in a small startup company with a big vision, a commitment to innovation and change, and a dream of creating a new model of education that can transform the lives of young people everywhere.

    • A community engager who is excited about the possibility about forging partnerships with families and local businesses to help bring learning to life for your students

    • A risk-taking innovator who will help create the vision for the 24/7 Learning Academy

    • An advocate for educational technology, with a strong understanding of Google Apps for Education, video distance learning strategies, and mastery-based assessment methods