Creating an Entrepreneurial Classroom

At 24/7 Learning Academy, students will delve into a rigorous curriculum that includes calculus, physics, programming, and literature, but in our view, some of the students’ most valuable experiences will be when they will run experiments, take risks, and try to launch ideas out in the “real world.” 

As an example, this coming year, our students will have the opportunity to build a hydroponic farm right here at the school facility and then sell the produce to the local community. In doing so, they are going to get to learn a lot of practical skills and knowledge in agriculture, biology, engineering, and marketing and get to see how they apply to creating something real. 

But even more importantly, they are going to get exposure to many of the challenges they will face in both college and their professional careers. Things like: How do you collaborate with a team to solve a complicated problem when there is no one telling you the solution? How do you manage your limited time and resources? How do you adjust when your first approach doesn’t work? How can you stay motivated in the face of failure? 

High school is a perfect time to learn these valuable lessons, and we see no reason why an individual has to wait until they are out of college before they can follow their passions and launch a business or pursue their own entrepreneurial paths. In fact, at PS 11 in New York City, students in 3rd grade (Yes eight and nine-year-olds!) operate a weekly farmer’s market and help take care of the chickens whose eggs they sell to the community. 

If we truly want to prepare our students to become great innovators and leaders, what better way to start then to inspire and support them in creating something real?

We are extremely excited to see what our students create!

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Justice JonesComment