"Education will never be the same"

We are so proud to introduce our "Education Will Never Be the Same" promotional campaign for the 24/7 Learning Academy.  We believe  we have built something extraordinary and tackling one of the most complicated challenges facing education today, education inequality. An excellent education begins with access to a high-quality educator. The greater the Teacher, the greater the value of the lesson to the student.

Some people may think that is impossible, the problem is too big for our small organization to tackle, and I say "why not."  Technology has made it so that people from across the globe can easily communicate, collaborate, and share information with a touch of a button. Successful corporations use these innovations throughout the world. Why is it so difficult for us to utilize the same technology to transform education so that all students have access to high-quality educators and instruction?   Why doesn’t everyone see this as an opportunity or is the paradigm shift so significant?

Either way, the 24/7 Learning Academy team sees a bigger picture, and yes, it is a giant puzzle that we are completing piece by piece.  To simplify our task, we asked ourselves three questions:

  • How can we get the best educators and instruction in front of the most students?

  • What are the most effective ways students learn?

  • How can we continually assess the quality of learning taking place in our programs?

By asking these questions, we know we have to design a classroom that is not limited by walls or location.  We have to focus on pedagogy, content delivery, and how we can assess learning without external impediments.

We don't have all of the answers, and there are still many challenges to overcome, but we understand that education in its simplest form begins with the educator and student, and the quality of instruction is determined by the quality of the person delivering it.



Justice JonesComment