Project Based Learning - Why I am so passionate about it?

I was recently asked why I am so passionate about Project Based Learning and Portfolio-based assessments.  

My approach to Experiential learning starts with the idea that all learners deserve opportunities to find their genius.   Genius, from my viewpoint, is how a person thinks and how they use information to create valuable ideas and tangible learning outcomes. 

From a design standpoint, I believe a great experiential learning experience includes an even balance between content acquisition mastery and skill mastery. It must connect opportunities for learners to improve their executive functions, increase their technical skills and provide a deeper connection to information. 

I have led the development of a 10 point PBL design framework that I believe allows for that balance and guides learners of all backgrounds to experience their greatness.  

Also, I believe the combination of Experiential Learning and Portfolio-based assessments are the most equitable forms of instruction, and all learners should have the opportunity to experience them.

Our organizational objectives now are to make the delivery of those two instructional approaches simple for educators and parents to implement and create access to more equitable forms of instruction. 

This is my why.  What is yours?  

Justice JonesComment