What is Test Prep for Life?

There’s something that happens when we sit down in front of a test booklet. It may be slightly different for each of us, but it usually involves some combination of a racing heart, clammy hands, and shot confidence. Standardized college and graduate school entrance exams require a set of skills that we most likely haven’t been exposed to in a regular classroom or homeschooling environment, so it makes sense that our fears arise at just the idea of having to endure a timed exam. That’s why most students search for answers in the form of huge books and complicated test prep courses.

We support a different approach, one whose benefits extend beyond the immediate test date that’s fast approaching. We call it Test Prep for Life.

Think of it this way: What are you preparing for when you enroll in a course or work with a tutor to get ready for the SAT, ACT, or another standardized test?

Until now, the answer may have been some combination of the following:

  • The test

  • The score

  • Admission to college or grad school

Simply put, these are all correct. Of course, you’re getting ready for a test, striving for a particular score, and trying to get into college! Isn’t that the point?

The truth is: It’s bigger than that. What are you really preparing for?

Everyone’s answer may be a little different, but we are all ultimately looking for sustained confidence that will carry us through a variety of tests in the future. If you’ve been unable to find that up until now, Test Prep for Life is for you.

Using a combination of project-based learning principles and test prep fundamentals, we have created a program that supports students long after they sit for an exam. We incorporate the freedom provided by our own online platform to offer each learner exactly what they need.

Check out our flexible options and reach out to our test prep experts to find out how Test Prep for Life can equip your unique learner with a whole new variety of skills and guidance.