SAT Prep for Homeschoolers: 4 Tips to Ease the Process

Whatever your reason for choosing to homeschool your child, every homeschool parent in the U.S. must eventually face this dilemma: Should my child take the SAT or not?

If the plan is for your child to attend a reputable college in the future, then the answer is yes.

If you’ve been keeping up with news on the SAT, you’re probably thinking, “Isn’t the SAT becoming a thing of the past?”

The answer to that is yes and no. Although some colleges and universities are beginning to do away with the SAT, over 80% of schools still require either the SAT or the ACT. That percentage is not decreasing as fast as you would hope, so preparation for these tests is still something that needs to be considered.

Performing well on one of these tests is so important for a homeschool student because it is the only objective indicator that colleges and universities have to assess their abilities as learners.

At large, homeschool students have very little experience with standardized tests compared to most traditional high school students who have been taking these kinds of tests since third grade. When it comes to preparing for the SAT, homeschool students must also find their own way to learn what topics are covered, and the timing and format of the test.

However, the fact that it’s more work for homeschool students doesn’t mean they can’t do just as well as traditional high school students. There are things you can do to make preparation less stressful.

Here are four tips our Test Prep for Life team suggests for easing the process of SAT preparation for a homeschooler:

  1. Figure out your child’s weaknesses. Take advantage of free practice tests provided by the College Board. This will help you identify exactly what your child needs to work on. You can even narrow it down to the specific types of questions they need more practice with. Identifying your child’s strengths and weaknesses first can keep you from taking too much time going over topics your child has already mastered and not enough time on topics they need more help with. Getting a head start with diagnostics will save you both time and money.

  2. Find ways to make studying at home fun. For a 9th or 10th grader who is just beginning the test prep process, create games and activities that include different SAT subjects. Some options are: a jeopardy game that covers math, science and English; a vocabulary bingo game to review words and their definitions; and a Jenga-style game incorporating questions and answers over several topics.

  3. Develop regular sleep habits and a study schedule. This goes for you and your child. Get on a good sleep schedule, not only because this will prepare your child for not being sleep-deprived on test day, but because it will also help both parties be at their best during study time. Being tired is not conducive to optimal concentration, and it can also make it easier to forget previously reviewed concepts. Choosing the best time of day to study and sticking to it, along with your regular sleep schedule, can help make study time more productive.

  4. Invest in a test prep program. A good test prep program can take a lot of the work and stress off your shoulders. These programs are designed to diagnose your child’s strengths and weaknesses, create a customized study plan and track their progress, review the material covered on the test, and keep you and your child motivated throughout the whole process. There are so many programs out there to choose from, so it is important to find a test prep service that will not only fit your child’s needs but also provide you with the best value for your money. We here at the 24/7 Learning Academy have developed a test prep program that goes beyond SAT preparation: Test Prep for Life.

Whether you enjoy them or not, tests are something that we encounter throughout our life. For homeschoolers, in particular, acquiring test-taking skills is essential.

That’s why our Test Prep for Life program is so invaluable. By combining project-based learning and the fundamentals of test prep, we have created a program that prepares students for any exam or standardized test. We offer each student exactly what they need through personalized learning. Your child will be able to walk away from our program feeling empowered, with lasting principles that they will be able to apply to every test life throws at them.

Take a look at our flexible options below, and reach out to our test prep experts to find out how Test Prep for Life can prepare your child for their future.