What is Project Based Learning & Will It Work For My Child?

You may have heard the term Project Based Learning (PBL) used around the internet when looking at educational options for your child. If you’ve explored our website, you’ve seen it mentioned plenty of times. While you may have heard of it, we realize that chances are, you don’t know exactly what it is.

Project Based Learning is a method in which learners work on a project over an extended period of time, anywhere from a week to a semester. The project engages them in solving real-world problems or answering complex questions.

Through this concentrated work, learners get to demonstrate their knowledge and skills by developing a public product, book, design, presentation, or other tangible outcome. They then go on to share their creative project with a real audience, rather than simply keeping it within the classroom or home.

PBL gives a learner the ability to dive deep into a subject and build their skills so that they not only finish a project, but develop critical thinking faculties, communication skills, and more.

These are the fundamental skills which will best prepare your child for the future. A traditional school system is built on paper-based assignments, teacher-led instruction, and rote memorization. We believe that PBL is the key to preparing children for true mastery in the 21st century.

Will PBL Work For Your Child?

The experiential nature of PBL is appropriate for all children, those who learn in a variety of different ways. If “Read, Write & Remember” method of teaching leaves you wanting more, then PBL is for you.

Utilizing critical thinking and creative solutions to problems, PBL encourages your learner to experiment with multiple learning systems and figure out what method works best for them. In this way, PBL truly respects that no two children are the same.

Not only will PBL work for your child, but it will offer them a greater chance of success than traditional test-driven methods because it supports exploration and discovery. Applying the principles of PBL in later life is possible whether your child wants to pursue a general career or take the entrepreneurial route. Because it’s based on things we do every day as adults, PBL is like training for life!

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