Why Homeschooling Could Be the Answer for Your Family

In the search for the best educational path possible for your children, you may have come to the conclusion that public schooling is not for your family. If you’re facing the question of whether homeschooling could be the answer, it can be helpful to step back and look at things objectively.

This discovery process can surface doubts, largely because you haven’t been exposed to the full picture of what’s possible within the realm of homeschooling. Although we hear success stories about public or private school graduates, it’s rare to hear rave reviews of homeschooling in a public forum. Yet despite not being as commonly publicized, homeschooling has had a positive influence on many successful people.

From celebrities like Justin Timberlake and Will Smith, to historical figures such as Susan B Anthony and Thomas Edison, and prodigies such as Mozart and Serena Williams, homeschooling has made an undeniable impact, and it could do the same for your child.

Still, making the decision to homeschool means confronting the widely praised advantages of public schooling: cost (or lack thereof), activities, and socialization, to name just a few. Public schools provide free education and transportation, a variety of clubs and sports, and daily interaction with others from similar backgrounds. It’s hard to fight against these obvious assets and the sheer dominance of public schools in American culture.

However, parents like you are seeking alternatives to public education in growing numbers. It turns out there are numerous reasons for this trend. Dissatisfaction with our public education system acts as a catalyst, but collectively, you are motivated to seek alternatives based on a range of additional factors. You may have a desire to focus on a career or athletic pursuit, maintain control over the quality of your child’s education, or work around limiting financial means that make private school unreachable.

Should unique circumstances require it, homeschooling can provide your learner the time he or she needs to hone specialized skills or interests such as acting or sports. Homeschooling nurtures a passion for artistic or athletic pursuits more fully than a traditional school environment.

Once you decide to homeschool, you’ll have the freedom to choose a specialized curriculum, which is essential if your child has special needs or learning disabilities. Even if this is not the case, there is no replacement for autonomy as a parent educator.

Compared to private school tuition, homeschooling is an affordable option. It’s possible to create a full-bodied education at home by piecing together online curriculum, participation in homeschooling co-ops and other local groups, and age-appropriate educational excursions.

No matter your particular reason for becoming dissatisfied with the public school system, homeschooling may be the answer for your family. We recommend reading success stories and discussing options with other homeschooling parents in the research phase.

Exploring why others have chosen this route is helpful, but the decision is ultimately unique to your children’s needs. Once you’re closer to making a decision, it’s best to step back and carefully consider your motivations one by one to determine if homeschooling is the solution. As a parent, you know best. If homeschooling is for you, you’ll know it!

Dave FurnessComment