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Instructional Design Certificate Program

About This Program

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24/7 Learning Academy’s Instructional Design Mastery Program equips participants with the skills and experience to enter - or advance in - the field of instructional design.

Developed by 24/7 Learning Academy’s top instructional design leaders, this comprehensive program provides you with real-world practical design experience and a broad exposure to principles and applications of e-learning. It offers research and practice-based insight into:

  • Developing effective e-learning courses

  • Using instructional technology to develop curriculum that motivates and engages the learner

  • Applying instructional design theories or models and building technical skills that apply to a variety of e-learning settings

You will learn proven strategies for designing online instruction in areas to match today’s varied educational and business needs and gain real-world practical experience designing for real companies. With the 24/7 Instruction Design Mastery program, you will learn instructional design and gain real-world experience simultaneously so that when you graduate, you will easily be eligible to apply for opportunities that require experience beyond a certificate or degree.

This is a multi-week/month program; if you are interested in a short-term Instructional Design workshop, see our regularly scheduled Instructional Design Bootcamp instead.

Instructional Design Certificate

This Mastery series includes the following five component units:

  • Designing Effective E-Learning

  • Exploring E-Learning Tools

  • Developing and Implementing E-Learning

  • E-Learning Assessment and Evaluation

  • E-Learning Practicum

Who Takes This Course

This program is designed for adult learners and professionals like K-12 teachers and administrators, college and university instructors and administrators, instructional designers, business trainers, human resource managers and business leaders wanting a career change or advancement in their field.

Attendance and Technology Requirements

This course is available via one of our Virtual  Classrooms, and can be accessed by any smart device with internet access.  (Learn and participate anywhere you can access the internet)

Other Needs

  • A notepad and pen

Students who complete the Instructional Design Certificate will:

  • Apply foundational instructional design principles to the design, development, and implementation of learning activities in their work place or classroom

  • Demonstrate an ability to effectively lead the design of effective instruction through proficient planning, development, evaluation, and management

  • Demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of numerous theories, principles, models, tools, and techniques that can be applied to the systematic design of instruction

  • Demonstrate their capacity to successfully lead all phases of an instructional design project

Instructional Design Career Outlook

This Certificate in Instructional Design prepares you to apply the theories, principles, models, tools, and techniques of systematic instructional design in diverse organizational settings. Successful completion of the certificate will qualify you for roles within organizations that need instructional activities that have been designed and developed for effective implementation in the classroom and in numerous other learning formats.

  • According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Services, training and development managers earned a median $95,400 annual salary in 2012, with jobs in the field expected to grow 11% by 2022.1 Instructional coordinators earned a median $60,050 in 2012, with jobs expected to grow 13% by 2022.2

  • Completion of this certificate will also qualify you for roles in technical writing, a field in which practitioners earned a median $65,500 per year in 2012, and in which job opportunities are expected to increase 15% by 2022.3

Career Opportunities for Graduates

  • Instructional designer

  • Curriculum developer

  • Technical writer

Potential Employment Settings

  • K-12 public, private or charter schools

  • Associations

  • Corporations

  • Higher education institutions

  • Government agencies

  • Military

  • Organizations

Program Duration:

24 Weeks

Approximate Time requirements per week:

10 to 12 Hours

At Graduation You Receive:

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Portfolio of completed work and proof of performance

  • Letter of Recommendation based on performance

  • Career Coaching and Money-Back Guarantee (Click here to See details)

  • Immediate Freelance and Experience building opportunities

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