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User Experience (UX) Certificate Program

About This Program

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User Experience is one of the fastest growing professions in the world. As part of the 24/7 UX Certificate programs, learners discover how to organize and present information and navigation in a way that helps others to more easily use an app or website.

This program also covers the use of design tools and is applicable for those working on a variety of devices and form factors, including desktop, tablet, and mobile, with consideration given to designing for touch-sensitive devices.

Learn user experience, client management, technical, and practical skills necessary to launch a successful career as a user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) designer in 24 weeks.

  • Online Classrooms - Participate from anywhere.

  • Experiential Curriculum - Everything is hands on and a part of your professional portfolio

  • Real Client Projects - Unique to each Cohort and Learner

  • Career Coaching and Money-Back Guarantee (Click here to See details)

Who Takes This Course

This Program is designed for adult learners and professionals wanting career change or advancement in the User Experience field.

Attendance and Technology Requirements

This course is available via our Virtual Classrooms, for Remote participation. (Learn and participate remotely with your class)

Learning Objectives

  • Apply visual communication design for screen-based platforms

  • Identify UX/UI Design processes, roles and skillsets

  • Use various tools and technologies related to UX/UI and visual communication design methods and techniques

  • Communicate concepts through UX/UI design practices, including visual literacy, creative thinking, accessibility, usability and/or prototyping

  • Evaluate work for conceptual, structural, functional and technical strength

  • Express ideas and opinions about UX/UI Design principles, practices and methods

  • Present and explain one’s UX/UI Design projects for critique

  • Create UX/UI-centered design projects for portfolio

  • Develop a business/professional practice plan that is aligned with individual goals

  • Build an impressive portfolio out of the real-world projects you complete on the course


  • Skills & Tools: Use industry standard tools such as Sketch and Invision to prototype and wireframe design solutions.

  • Production Standard: Put together a full suite of UX documentation for a digital product, from user personas and wireframes to interactive prototypes.

  • The Big Picture: Connect and convey how insights into customer behavior — from problems to solutions — can optimize any product or service.

  • Portfolio Development - You’ll leave the course with a portfolio full of tangible and practical work experience.

  • Other Takeaways:

    • Principles

    • Information Architecture for Application and Web Design

    • User Experience for Mobile Devices and Touch Screens

    • Rapid prototyping training

    • Photoshop Training Class - Introduction

    • Illustrator Training Class - Introduction

    • Creating UX Design Assets and Documentation

    • User Interface design

    • Wireframing

    • Design Strategy

    • User Research

    • Usability Evaluation and analysis

User Experience Design Career Outlook

UX Design is #1 out of 7 in-demand careers for design and planning, with job growth up to 30%. 

  • UX is a satisfying job if you are curious about human behavior and passionate about how design shapes the products and services around you. UX Designer was rated as one of the best 15 jobs in America for 2017.

  • Employers struggle to find qualified UX designers and the demand keeps growing. The average Junior UX Designer salary in the United States is $69,489 per year, while Senior UX Designers can earn as much as $119,841.

  • UX designers are generally compensated higher than other creative trades within an organization — making the craft appealing

  • Design-thinking and user experience are increasingly being prioritized as core business goals — even in more traditional, non-tech companies

  • A flexible career path - As a UX designer, you will have the opportunity to work for startups, agencies, large corporates, on a freelance basis, or even remotely.

Career Opportunities for Graduates

UX/UI Design Mastery Certificate recipients can apply their education to a variety of careers and enterprises. Depending on the level of work they achieve and previous education and experience, they can pursue a range of opportunities, including:

  • User Experience Architect 

  • User Experience Researcher 

  • User Experience Designer 

  • Information Architect 

  • Content Strategist 

  • Communication Designer

  • Information Designer

  • Interaction designer

  • Multimedia developer

  • User researcher

Potential Employment Settings

  • Companies and Enterprises

  • Startups

  • Agencies,

  • Freelance

  • Remote

Program Duration:

24 Weeks

Approximate Time requirements per week:

10 to 12 Hours

At Graduation You Receive:

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Portfolio of completed work and proof of performance

  • Letter of Recommendation based on performance

  • Career Coaching and Money-Back Guarantee (Click here to See details)

  • Immediate Freelance and Experience building opportunities

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