We have designed an educational model that allows for a revolutionary individualized, effective and relevant education for our students.

We have taken the next step and opened the 24/7 Learning Academy. We have offered an educational environment that is changing the lives of our students. See for yourself the impact our school is making:


Our vision is to open more schools, and serve more families like this across the country. We want a 24/7 Learning Academy to open near you, and offer a similarly powerful education to students in your community.

However, we cannot grow without support. Show your belief in education equality by donating a gift to the 24/7 Learning Academy this holiday season. Choose how you want your donation to help us, and see the direct impact that it will make.

Technology Fund

Technology is the cornerstone of our education pedagogy. Most workplaces in today’s world involve technology, why shouldn’t our schools? However, many students don’t already have the technology that aides in their learning. Help a student by donating towards either a laptop or tablet. 

($250 - Laptop, $100 Tablet )

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School Scholarship Fund

We want to be able to reach as many students as possible, but we are currently limited on how many students we can support. Help a student receive an education that will truly transform their life.  (1 year = $6,000)

Student Scholarship


Student Business Fund


One of the most unique aspects of our school design are the student-led entrepreneurial projects, that take student ideas into real-world businesses. You can help to provide the seed money for one of these projects.  ($1000 – the money needed to begin a student owned business.)

Student Owned Businesses

Professional Development Fund

There’s no better way to understand a profession or skill than by actually doing it, which is exactly what our internships, apprenticeships, and work-study programs offer: a chance to do meaningful, hands-on work in the field of your choice. You can help a student be fully prepared for these experiences by helping them buy a suit and provide the funds to support them while they are participating in these programs.  ($500 – Provides a suit and workforce/professional development training.)

Professional Development for Educators

School Development Fund

Would you like to help us open a new 24/7 Learning Academy, to bring our revolutionary educational pedagogy to a new community? We have designed our schools to be a “school in a box”, so that the same methods can be easily replicated in another school. Your donation would help fund us finding a new location, buying materials, supporting staff and student tuition.($35,000 – Opens a new 24/7 Learning Academy)

Help us start a new school today






24/7 Learn is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax-deductible by law.