Learn Do Be: A New Way To Teach - Book

Learn Do Be: A New Way To Teach - Book


This is a must read book for new teachers, homeschool parents, and experienced educators looking to use Project-Based Learning in their classrooms or trainings.

Studies show that Project-Based Learning is the most effective way to learn, but is the hardest to teach. In this book you will learn proven techniques and strategies to easily deliver Project-Based Learning in classrooms, homeschools, and training environments.

Your learners will… LEARN, DO, and BE

“Do you ever feel as if your students do not remember the content you teach them when it comes time to review? Do you feel as if you can’t seem to “reach” your students? These feelings are all too common in classrooms, homeschools, and training environments today.” In this book, you will discover the 24/7 Success Driven Teaching Model, which will help propel your students to make master content and create value in their work. This book will help you delve deep into the Success Driven Model by providing the “why” behind each step. Not only will you be provided with the importance of each step of the framework, but you will be able to read and visualize tried-and-true examples from classroom teachers. Not only will this book help you become a better teacher, but you will learn the importance of establishing and forming success habits in your students.

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