Project Based Learning Activity - Be an Obstacle Course Creator

Project Based Learning Activity - Be an Obstacle Course Creator

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  • Obstacle course races require participants to attempt (and hopefully conquer) a number of physical challenges that have been constructed just for the event. They usually take place over distances like 5K, 10 miles, or even more. You’ll find yourself running, walking, jumping, climbing, sliding, pulling, pushing– a real full-body workout.


  • In this activity, you will watch videos on how to create an obstacle course race and the physical activities included in obstacle courses, complete an obstacle course design activity, perform two rounds of exercises that would be included in an obstacle course, and conduct a survey.

PROJECT-BASED LEARNING SCENARIO: (Who students will be and what they will accomplish)

  • You are a newly hired intern for a top-rated Health and Wellness Company. The managers of the company want to create a new obstacle course race and exercise video for young audiences.  They feel there is a big opportunity to introduce teenagers to the great adventures of obstacle course racing, and think you are the perfect person to develop the project. They are assigning you the responsibility of designing the obstacle course race, choosing the exercises for the obstacle course, and creating a survey for participants. 


  • SKILLS PRACTICED: Health, Wellness, and Mobility skills, Creative Skills, Leadership Skills, Market Research

  • SUBJECTS COVERED: Physical Education, Writing, Arts - Creativity, Marketing

  • POTENTIAL SUCCESS HABITS DEVELOPED: Managing impulsivity/self-regulation, Listening with understanding and empathy, self-reflection, thinking and communicating with clarity and precision

  • SCHEDULE: 8 days


  • ACTIVITY PARTICIPATION: Can be completed as a team or by an individual

  • RECOMMENDED AGES: Ages 14 - 18,

LESSON OBJECTIVE: In this activity you will learn:

  • How to create an obstacle course race

  • How to perform exercises included in obstacle courses

  • How to conduct a survey


  • Discussion Documents (Printable) + Google Drive link

  • Interview Activity (Printable) + Google Drive link

  • Video Lesson - Viewable on any smart device

  • Online exit ticket and quiz


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