At the 24/7 Learning Academy, we have no grade levels nor labels.  We don't group learners by age and date limits; we group them by project groups. Learners get to show their genius through their effort, the skills they master, and what they accomplish. Each project offers learners a fresh start and opportunities to master new skills, show proficiency in the core subjects below, work with new project groups and educators, and develop their learning portfolios.

For learners to meet our graduation requirements, they must complete their daily practices, all of their assigned interdisciplinary projects, show mastery of our Success skills, and a high level of proficiency with the core subjects listed below.


English Language Arts

4 Credits or 600 hours

With major concentration in composition, reading for information, and literature. 



4 Credits or 600 hours,

Including 1 credit each of Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II with Trigonometry, and Business math




4 Credits or 600 hours, including 1 credit each of biology and a physical science


Social Studies

3 Credits or 450 hours, including 1 Credit - world history, 1 Credit - US history,  .5 Credit - US govt., .5 Credit economics

Fine Arts/Practical

2 Credits or 300 hours

In fine or practical arts including 1 credit each in arts and music.  These credits can be in art history and music theory.

Foreign Language

2 Credits or 300 hour

Same language, Highly recommended--Not required for high school graduation; but required for admission into state universities.  American Sign Language meets requirements


Physical Education

4 Credits or 600 hours

In physical education to include the integration of health

Career and Personal Development

6 Credits or 900 hours including:

Internships - 4 credits / Personal project - 2 credits



3 Credits or 450 hours


Total Number of Credits

36 credits


Cumulative GPA of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale for the State Graduation Requirements


Examples aren’t another way to teach, it is the only way to teach.
— Albert Einstein

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