Welcome to 24/7 Learning Academy

24/7 Learning Academy is a high school created for the 21st Century and designed to prepare students to be thriving entrepreneurs, college graduates, and global leaders of innovation and social justice.  

We equip students to create their own companies, careers, and pathways to success. 


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Our students are considered to be future leaders and entrepreneurs and learn through virtual and on-site course work corresponding to local educational standards, core academic subject mastery, and 21st-century skill development. 


Our instructional methods include a combination of project-based and personalized learning, real-world experiences, leadership development, and extensive use of technology.

Project Based Learning
Entrepreneurship Training
Technology infused Curriculum
College Preperation

How are we different

24/7 Learning Academy stretches the academic experience well beyond the walls, schedule, and conventions of the traditional school. Our instruction focuses heavily on "learning by doing," and as a result, the 24/7 Learning Academy does not look like most schools that parents and students are used to.  Here is how we compare:


why 24/7 Learning Academy

The 24/7 Learning Academy’s goal is to graduate young people who have demonstrated mastery over their own learning objectives, have a clear and exciting path forward, and have developed a lifelong commitment to bettering their communities.  

Graduates will not only have mastered a wide scope of content, but also developed a strong understanding of the connection between that content and its relevance in the world outside of school.

In addition to fluency in core academic subjects, students will leave our school with:

  • Collaboration and teamwork skills
  • College and career readiness
  • Cultural and global awareness
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Independence and Ownership
  • Creative and entrepreneurial confidence

Who are our educators

24/7 Learning Academy Educators are categorized into four groups and focuses on core areas: College and Career Readiness, Content expertise, Personal and Character Growth, Leadership and Professional Development, and Entrepreneurship.

Our Educators

ADVISORS (Lead Teachers):

Provide virtual and onsite direction and feedback to our Future Leaders (students) in the areas of instruction, planning, administrative organization, and assessment.

MENTORS (Instructional and Personal Coach):

Provide onsite guidance and focus to our Future Leaders (students) to advance their personal and professional growth and development.

SPECIALISTS (Content Experts):

Offer virtual or onsite instruction and guidance in a particular subject, occupation, or practice


Supports Future Leaders (students) in making informed educational and career choices.

Open Enrollment - we enroll students year-round

Our rapidly moving, information-based society badly needs people who know how to find facts rather than memorize them, and who know how to cope with change in creative ways.
— Wendy Priesnitz