Welcome to 24/7 Learning Academy

24/7 Learning Academy prepares students to be thriving college graduates, successful entrepreneurs, and global leaders of innovation and social justice.  

We equip students, ages 11 to 16, to attend the college of their dreams, create their own companies, careers, and pathways to success.



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 OUR PROGRAMS serve students (Future Leaders) looking for different education options and include:

24/7 Learning Academy - Middle and Highschool
24/7 Learning Academy - Virtual High School
24/7 Learning Academy - Adult Learning Program

24/7 Learning Academy Drone Camp
24/7 Learning Academy - after school program
24/7 Learning Academy - Community Service for teens and young adults

OUR EDUCATIONAL MODEL utilizes Experiential and Personalized learning to transform the way students (Future Leaders) learn and:

  • Is Student focussed

  • Includes Asynchronous and Synchronous Instruction

  • Facilitates the connection between student interest and industry

  • Provides rapid response to student instructional needs

  • Delivers content knowledge with Tangible Learning Outcomes

How are we different

24/7 Learning Academy stretches the academic experience well beyond the walls, schedule, and conventions of the traditional school. Our instruction focuses heavily on "learning by doing," and as a result, the 24/7 Learning Academy does not look like most schools that parents and students are used to.  Here is how we compare:


Who are our educators

24/7 Learning Academy Educators are categorized into four groups and focuses on core areas: College and Career Readiness, Content expertise, Personal and Character Growth, Leadership and Professional Development, and Entrepreneurship.

Our Educators

ADVISORS (Lead Teachers):

Provide virtual and onsite direction and feedback to our students (Future Leaders) in the areas of instruction, planning, administrative organization, assessment, mindset, and discipline.

MENTORS (Instructional and Personal Coach):

Provide virtual and onsite guidance and focus to our students (Future Leaders) to advance their personal and professional growth and development.

SPECIALISTS (Content Experts):

Offer virtual or onsite instruction and guidance in a particular subject, occupation, or practice


Supports students (Future Leaders)) in making informed educational and career choices.

Our Current Events

What are Parents saying about us

24 7 Learning Academy has changed my family by giving my son the opportunity to better himself in a situation where he was not thriving in a regular high school. I highly recommend it to all parents looking for something different in a school and wanting a personalized education for their child.
— Michelle M. , Parent

Open Enrollment 2018/19 - we enroll students year-round