The advantage of private school enrolment plus the curricular freedom you love about homeschooling. That’s what we call Homeschool 2.0.

Don't worry about fulfilling the legal requirements of your state. We handle all the paperwork for you.

You don’t even have to choose between virtual and onsite learning. We offer both!

The best part? Our Homeschool 2.0 curriculum was developed around Project Based Learning, which is the basis for all 24/7 Learning Academy lessons.

How is our umbrella program different from just having access to our PBL curriculum?

Read below to discover the unique components of each.

24/7 Learning Academy Homeschool Curriculum and Umbrella Program

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One-time non-refundable application fee of $50

MONTHLY ANNUAL - (Save 30%!)



  • 24/7 access to our Project Based Learning curriculum

  • Provides instruction for up to two learners

  • Monthly consultation with an education mentor

  • No lesson planning required

  • Free email address and access to Google Classrooms

  • Graded writing activities and discussions with feedback

  • Email access to live educators

  • Placement exams that accurately reflect your learner's academic level

  • Learning support and intervention options for struggling learners

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    Please click a topic below to see answers to the most frequently asked questions about 24/7’s Homeschool Umbrella Program.


    WHAT IS A HOMESCHOOL UMBRELLA PROGRAM? An umbrella school is a non-traditional private school that supervises the enrollment, attendance, and other aspects of a family’s home education. Umbrella schools also validate the student’s diploma. An important distinction to make is that those who are registered with umbrella schools are technically not “homeschoolers.” By law, they are private school students, but their education usually takes place within the home.

    HOW IS THE 24/7 LEARNING ACADEMY HOMESCHOOL UMBRELLA PROGRAM DIFFERENT FROM THE 24/7 LEARNING ACADEMY VIRTUAL PROGRAM? Although our 24/7 homeschoolers have access to the same curriculum as our onsite and virtual learners, 24/7 homeschoolers' work is self-paced and guided by their parents/guardians, not by our teaching staff. We provide extensive education training for parents/guardians so that they are fully equipped to offer a rigorous and effective homeschool experience for their children.


    • 24/7 homeschoolers do not need to register a notice of intent to homeschool with the county superintendent.
    • 24/7 homeschoolers have access to our Project Based Learning curriculum, the 24/7 homeschool community, and onsite services such as field trips, testing options, transcripts, etc.
    • We handle most of the paperwork and reporting involved with recordkeeping for each 24/7 homeschooler. Parents/guardians never have to worry about being non-compliant.
    • Our 24/7 homeschool community offers an easy way to meet, network, and learn with other homeschoolers in your area and abroad.
    • Filing annual student evaluations with the school district is not required.

    HOW DOES A LEARNER GRADUATE FROM THE 24/7 LEARNING ACADEMY HOMESCHOOL UMBRELLA PROGRAM? Our 24/7 homeschoolers graduate by successfully completing our graduation requirements. We do not control the time it takes for a 24/7 homeschooler to graduate; they learn at their own pace and are guided by their parents/guardians.

    DO OUR HOMESCHOOLERS HAVE TO LIVE IN A PARTICULAR AREA? No. We serve homeschoolers all across the country and do not limit participation based on where you live.

    HOW OFTEN DO I NEED TO SUBMIT MY ATTENDANCE INFORMATION? Attendance is tracked automatically through our learning platform. No extra work is needed.

    HOW DOES THE 24/7 LEARNING ACADEMY HOMESCHOOL PROGRAM HANDLE ANNUAL STANDARDIZED TESTING? All standardized tests are administered through our learning platform and are required three times a year. These tests are not for grading purposes but play a significant role in helping to assess the effectiveness of our curriculum, your teaching abilities, and your child's strengths and weaknesses. We know standardized testing is not ideal, but it represents a realistic process that we all have to face at some point in our lives. There are hundreds of professions that require testing for licensing, and this gives your child the opportunity to practice being prepared for those opportunities.

    WHAT COLLEGES CAN MY HOMESCHOOLER ATTEND AFTER GRADUATION? Hundreds of colleges and universities - from Ivy League institutions to community colleges - accept homeschoolers and students from umbrella homeschool programs. With umbrella program learners, an emphasis is placed on ACT/SAT scores and learning portfolios. Our success-driven PBL curriculum and test prep programs are designed to support learners in building a robust learning portfolio and developing the skills to get into the college of their dreams and, more importantly, live the life they want beyond their academic years.

    HOW DOES IT WORK IF MY CHILD WANTS TO GO BACK TO A TRADITIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOL? Our success-driven PBL curriculum is aligned with the most commonly followed education standards in the U.S. Along with our transcripts and skill reports, you can easily transfer back to a public school. Your homeschooler's grade level will be based on the quality of work they've completed in their learning portfolio and their scores on age-appropriate standardized tests completed through our platform.

    HOW MUCH FLEXIBILITY DO I HAVE WITH SUPPLEMENTING OTHER CURRICULUM OPTIONS WITH MY 24/7 HOMESCHOOLER? We support using whatever curriculum works for your 24/7 homeschooler and do not place limitations on what you can use along with our success-driven PBL curriculum. We do ask that you let us know and provide access to the curriculum so that we can support you with the reporting requirements to ensure compliance.

    HOW WILL YOUR PARENT EDUCATOR TRAINING PROGRAM HELP ME EDUCATE MY 24/7 HOMESCHOOLER? Our Parent Educator Training Program is designed to train you to be an effective educational guide for your 24/7 homeschooler. The idea is not that you will be a subject matter expert, but that you will understand the biology of learning and be trained on the teaching methods that really impact your child's future. One of the most important jobs of an educational guide is to increase intrinsic motivation so that students become lifelong learners and give maximum effort to their education. Our Parent Educator Training Program will train you to do just that.

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