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About This Program


HR plays a crucial role in managing a companies’ workforce and mission results. In this certificate program you will gain a comprehensive overview of HR and how it works: processes, tools, and rules and regulations. In this program you will apply what you learn through an experiential apprenticeship program where you will gain practical real world experience in a real company that can be documented through your resume and portfolio.

Who Takes This Course

This Program is designed for adult learners and professionals wanting career change or advancement in the Human resources/Human capital fields.

Attendance and Technology Requirements

This course is available via our onsite locations or Virtual Classrooms, for Remote participation. (Learn and participate onsite or remotely with your class)

Learning Objectives

  • Outline the role and value of Human resources and Human capital development

  • How companies can optimizing and develop their workforce

  • Learn organizational culture analysis

  • Summarize each phase of the HR life cycle and explain how it impacts workforce results

  • Distinguish the different functions within HR and how they integrate across the HR lifecycle to drive results


  • Introduction to Human Resources an Human Capital

  • Position Classification and Management

  • Staffing and Recruitment for Results

  • Job Analysis and Competency Assessment

  • Performance Management

  • Employee Development

  • Employee Relations

  • Labor Relations

  • HR Analytics

Program Duration:

16 Weeks

Approximate Time requirements per week:

10 Hours

At Graduation You Receive:

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Portfolio of completed work and proof of performance

  • Letter of Recommendation based on performance

  • Career Coaching and Job Placement Support

Widlyne Antoine Filion

About the Instructor

Chavenus Struble - HR Director and Trainer

Chavenus has a BS degree in Psychology and Human Services and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. She believes that education and analysis is the key to building a successful workforce.

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Instructional Design Bootcamp
10:00 AM10:00

Instructional Design Bootcamp

About This Workshop

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Need to design and deliver a training workshop? Planning to create an online learning module and don’t know where to start? Wondering how engage and interest your learners?

This hands-on workshop will teach you how to design, organize, and deliver highly effective training and learning content—using methods that take into account learner needs, goals, and evaluation practices. You will dive into a foundation of learning theories and provide practical techniques for designing instructor-led training, online learning, or mobile learning—on any subject for any audience.

In the workshop you’ll focus on your own instructional project—from goals and requirements, through to storyboarding and design. The principles and techniques covered apply to any type of instruction, from colleges and universities through professional training in corporations.


  • Understand the basic Instructional Design theories

  • Project-Based Learning strategy and design

  • Effectively analyze learning needs

  • Define solid instructional objectives

  • Create a storyboard for your instructional project

  • Write effective and engaging content for your project

  • Build interactivity into instruction

  • Use graphics to support instruction

  • Effectively evaluate learning

  • Freelancing as an Instructional Designer

Attendance and Technology Requirements

This course is available via our onsite locations or Virtual Classrooms, for Remote participation. (Learn and participate onsite or remotely with your learning team)

Program Duration:

  • 1 Day, with additional follow up

Approximate Time requirements per week:

  • 10 Hours: (7 Hours in Program, 3 Hours follow up)

About the Instructor

Widlyne Antoine Filion - Learning Specialist - Trainer

Widlyne Antoine Filion

Widlyne has been in the education field as a teacher, trainer, and Instructional Design Leader for the last 18 years. She started in the middle school sector, and then taught elementary school for 7 years. Presently, for the last few years, she has been teaching English to adults privately and at an adult school. Widlyne is a certified teacher in the US and Canada. Widlyne has a BA in Theology with a minor in elementary education as well as a MA in Reading/Language Arts and is currently seeking her TESOL certificate from TESL Canada. Widlyne works tirelessly to support her students in all areas of their lives. She believes in the development of the whole individual and everyone at any age can learn and improve their lives.

Although Widlyne was educated and most of her work experience is from the United States, she now resides and teaches in Quebec with her husband, where she enjoys hiking, writing, dancing, and learning a new language.

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UX/UI Certificate Program
to Aug 26

UX/UI Certificate Program

Have you been dreaming of finding a job that allows you to think creatively, problem solve, and positively impact the lives of others? If so, then a career in UX design may be perfect for you.  Learn the practical skills necessary to launch a successful career as a user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) designer in 24 weeks.

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