The Future is here and our Kids need to be ready for it... volume 1

Hello, team, the purpose of this newsletter is to provide you with information about 24/7 Learning Academy's programs, campaigns, and accomplishments from the previous month. Our primary objective is to eradicate education inequality by creating access to the highest quality educators and instruction to as many students as possible through innovative classroom infrastructure, program development, pedagogy, and technology.  

Some people may be thinking “that is impossible, the problem is too big for this small organization to tackle,” and I say why not.  Technology has made it so that people from across the globe can easily communicate, collaborate, and share information with a touch of a button.  Why is it so hard for us to utilize the same technology that successful large corporations use in their organizations to transform education so that all students can have access to high-quality educators and instruction?   Why doesn’t everyone see this as an opportunity or is the paradigm shift so significant?

Either way, you are a part of the 24/7 Education movement that sees the big picture, and yes it is a giant puzzle that we are assembling piece by piece.  To simplify things we asked ourselves three questions:

  • How can we get the best educators and curriculum in front of the most students?
  • What are the most effective ways students learn?
  • How can we continually assess the quality of learning?

By asking these questions, we know we have to design a classroom that is not limited by walls or location.  We have to focus on access, pedagogy, content delivery, and how we can assess learning without external impediments.


24/7 Learning Academy team


1. STARTING THE 24/7 LEARNING ACADEMY - The school designed for the 21st Century

Layout and Design: Our small but innovative school will feature two Gardens and multiple instructional areas to serve student's academic,  entrepreneurial, and leadership development needs.

24/7 Learning Academy
24/7 Learning Academy

2. CLASSROOM INFRASTRUCTURE: The Classroom designed for the 21st Century

Developing hybrid classrooms where onsite and remote educators can teach simultaneously, and onsite and remote students can learn simultaneously.

Our Classrooms are designed to be used with multiple types of educational programs and age groups (high school, after school programs, adult learning programs, and camps), and are easily scalable.

24/7 Learning Academy Hybrid Classrooms
24/7 Learning Academy Hybrid Classroom
24/7 Learning Academy Hybrid Classroom


Our programming and pedagogy are designed to prepare students for change, trouble shooting, and to participate in opportunities that have not been created yet.

24/7 Learning Academy High School Program - Features on site and remote learning for teens

24/7 Learning Academy After School Program  - Features Entrepreneurship and Leadership development for teens

24/7 Learning Academy Camp Program - Features Holiday and Summer instruction for students focused on Entrepreneurship and Drones

  • Check out Zachery learning about Growth Mindset in his 24/7 Learning Academy's on site high school orientation.


Our software development team is developing an Immersive Learning Platform that will provide an engaging and effective online learning experience for students in and outside our classrooms.

Our Platform:  

  • Is designed for self-paced learning and to support live access to our classrooms
  • Focuses on connecting the right educators and modes of instruction with the right students, because we believe in matching specific teacher instructional styles with specific student learning styles.

(Front end Design Specs)



Our crowdfunding campaign to build the Classroom of the Future ended July 31st, and raised $2565.

Top two Team Fundraisers:

  • Diallyo: $1000

  • Kea: $800

Thank you to everyone that donated and shared our links.  A special thanks goes to Kea Paddy who led the fundraising campaign.  Her persistence allowed us to create a functional hybrid classroom that can reach well beyond the  walls of our physical classroom.



Donate TODAY

All students deserve to have access to the best educational experiences possible, but many don't.  All donations small and large will pay for students to participate in our high school or  entrepreneurship and leadership after school program which includes tutoring, test prep, entrepreneurship training, and leadership development for teens.


  • Retired Educators wanted to provide virtual mentorship to students (Can work remotely)

  • Board of Director Candidates wanted

  • General Volunteers wanted

by Justice Jones  © 24/7 Education Group - 2017

"Education will never be the same"

We are so proud to introduce our "Education Will Never Be the Same" promotional campaign for the 24/7 Learning Academy.  We believe  we have built something extraordinary and tackling one of the most complicated challenges facing education today, education inequality. An excellent education begins with access to a high-quality educator. The greater the Teacher, the greater the value of the lesson to the student.

Some people may think that is impossible, the problem is too big for our small organization to tackle, and I say "why not."  Technology has made it so that people from across the globe can easily communicate, collaborate, and share information with a touch of a button. Successful corporations use these innovations throughout the world. Why is it so difficult for us to utilize the same technology to transform education so that all students have access to high-quality educators and instruction?   Why doesn’t everyone see this as an opportunity or is the paradigm shift so significant?

Either way, the 24/7 Learning Academy team sees a bigger picture, and yes, it is a giant puzzle that we are completing piece by piece.  To simplify our task, we asked ourselves three questions:

  • How can we get the best educators and instruction in front of the most students?
  • What are the most effective ways students learn?
  • How can we continually assess the quality of learning taking place in our programs?

By asking these questions, we know we have to design a classroom that is not limited by walls or location.  We have to focus on pedagogy, content delivery, and how we can assess learning without external impediments.

We don't have all of the answers, and there are still many challenges to overcome, but we understand that education in its simplest form begins with the educator and student, and the quality of instruction is determined by the quality of the person delivering it.



Help us Build the School of the Future

We are the 24/7 Learning Academy, an innovative new school that is opening in Orlando, Florida in August 2017. Through personalized and project-based learning our students will gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

Our team of educators has over 75 years of experience, and we believe we've designed a school that will have a huge impact on students and communities across the country.

An essential part of the 24/7 Learning Academy is the ability to have both onsite and remote students learning and participating simultaneously within one classroom. With the right technology, we will have the opportunity to share our classroom and instruction with students across the globe. Both students and instructors can effectively engage in the learning process from any internet ready device, anywhere in the world, in real time.

However, financing the right technology for this is difficult. Inexpensive and widely available video conferencing resources currently exist, but they are insufficient for classroom use and experience a plethora of technical issues. We need something more robust and consistent to ensure students have active engagement and participation, regardless of their location.

We are looking to truly integrate remote students and educators through the use of the Cisco SX80 and SpeakerTrack System, a high definition video and microphone system that includes motion and sound-tracking. This technology will allow us to provide seamless access to our classrooms and instructors.

Families no longer have to be limited to the educational choices within their communities, and students no longer have to be subjugated to inexperienced teachers and inadequate instruction because of where they live.

We need your support; please donate today to help us raise the monies required to purchase this groundbreaking technology and help us share our classrooms and exceptional learning experiences with students and families from across the globe. We appreciate your support and all donations large or small are encouraged.

We are grateful to all donors, and we want you to see the impact of your gifts, so we are offering the following rewards for donations.

$500: You will receive 24/7 Learning Academy memorabilia, be listed as a Silver sponsor on our website and plaque at our school location. (The Bronze Donor Package)

$1,000: You will receive “The Bronze Donor Package” plus be acknowledged in a live class as a Gold Donor. (The Silver Donor Package)

$1,500: You will receive “The Silver Donor Package” and sponsor a cluster of 3 students and have feedback on their progress and receive a personal letter or video from each of them. (The Gold Donor Package)

$3,000-$5,000: You will receive “The Gold Donor Package,” plus sponsor a particular project that students complete annually, and the project will be named after you. A larger gift ($4,000 or more) will allow you to help select which project that you would like to sponsor. (The Platinum Donor Package)

$8,000 or over: You will receive “The Platinum Donor Package,” plus, we will name a program and Subject Area after you. (The Diamond Donor Package)

Donate today, and become a supporter of a school that is innovating education and changing the lives of its students. If you cannot afford to donate, please help us by sharing our campaign with your friends and family.

The 24/7 Learning Academy is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, and all donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Creating an Entrepreneurial Classroom

At 24/7 Learning Academy, students will delve into a rigorous curriculum that includes calculus, physics, programming, and literature, but in our view, some of the students’ most valuable experiences will be when they will run experiments, take risks, and try to launch ideas out in the “real world.” 

As an example, this coming year, our students will have the opportunity to build a hydroponic farm right here at the school facility and then sell the produce to the local community. In doing so, they are going to get to learn a lot of practical skills and knowledge in agriculture, biology, engineering, and marketing and get to see how they apply to creating something real. 

But even more importantly, they are going to get exposure to many of the challenges they will face in both college and their professional careers. Things like: How do you collaborate with a team to solve a complicated problem when there is no one telling you the solution? How do you manage your limited time and resources? How do you adjust when your first approach doesn’t work? How can you stay motivated in the face of failure? 

High school is a perfect time to learn these valuable lessons, and we see no reason why an individual has to wait until they are out of college before they can follow their passions and launch a business or pursue their own entrepreneurial paths. In fact, at PS 11 in New York City, students in 3rd grade (Yes eight and nine-year-olds!) operate a weekly farmer’s market and help take care of the chickens whose eggs they sell to the community. 

If we truly want to prepare our students to become great innovators and leaders, what better way to start then to inspire and support them in creating something real?

We are extremely excited to see what our students create!

Click here to Register for our onsite or virtual high school today!

The High School for Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development coming to Orlando, Florida

The founders of 24/7 Learning Academy decided to create a high school personalized learning program designed around the premise that learning should never be limited by the hour on a clock or standard curricula. To accomplish our mission of making education relevant and available to all students with a burning passion to launch their own startup or a desire to attend a high school for leadership development, we put a technology-rich spin on the old one-room school house concept.

Our blended-learning model is a high school with project-based learning, rather than centered around traditional grade levels and standardized testing. Mastery-based, student-driving learning objectives guide advancement and skill-based grouping. This ensures a rigorous educational experience that delivers 21st-century skill development focused on entrepreneurship, leadership and social justice.

What sets 24/7 Learning Academy apart from a Montessori High School or a traditional private high school in Orlando, Florida is our team approach that includes live online sessions, in-person classes and 1:1 tutoring opportunities with intelligent software. Students experience collaborative and self-guided project assignments and explore personal learning styles, aptitudes and interest. And, we work closely with the community, so all students have access to mentors, specialists, college and career counselors and advisors to help them every step of the way. There are no boring lectures. Instead, Socratic discussions drive home important information and key concepts.

Our educational programming is based on two key factors: 1) every student has unique learning styles and, 2) no two students have identical educational goals and passions. The educational journey should reflect a personalized curriculum that supports comprehension, skills development and access to internships, community service projects, apprenticeships and entrepreneurial opportunities designed to fuel his or her own passion. The 24/7 Learning Academy is a high school for entrepreneurship with additional training around Finance, Law and Advocacy, Culinary Arts and Media Production, Health and Wellness and Agriculture and Alternative Energy because we want each student who leaves the Academy to be fully prepared to enter college or a career. And, we do all this with remote and on-site programs and flexible schedules so students can participate on their own schedule.

Multi-Discipline project-based learning ensures students understand why the content in their personal education plan is relevant, and how they can apply skills acquired to achieve their career objectives and enhance daily life beyond the classroom.

We look forward to working with students and parents in our local communities and are pleased to announce our new school opening soon in Orlando. Please accept our invitation to visit an open house to learn more.

Date: Tuesday, May 9th, 2017 (RSVP)
Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Join us by clicking on the Meeting URL below - (Download is Required)
Meeting ID: 927678031

Join us by phone:


Date: Tuesday, May 16th, 2017 (RSVP)

Time: 6:30pm – 8:00pm

Join us by clicking on the Meeting URL below - (Download is Required)

Meeting ID: 927678031

Join us by phone:

Welcome to 24/7 Learning Academy - A New High School for Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Innovation opening in Orlando, Florida

24/7 Learning Academy Open House - 4/18 and 4/25, 6:30 Pm to 8:30 PM.

Why Did We Start the 24/7 Learning Academy?

In just over four months, the 24/7 Learning Academy will open its doors for the very first time. Over the last year, our team has been hard at work getting ready to prepare our first class of 9th and 10th grade students to become skilled problem solvers, entrepreneurs, college graduates, and leaders of innovation and social justice.

Recently lots of people have asked us the question: “Why do you want to start a new school?” Here’s what it boils down to... 

Our team has over 75+ years of education experience in some of the highest performing public and private schools in the U.S., but we’ve all noticed the same thing: Our world is totally different now than it was twenty years ago, but our schools, for the most part, look exactly the same. So many schools do not equip students with the skills that are required to thrive in the 21st century. We want to change that.

Since we started designing the Learning Academy, we have asked ourselves a lot of questions about how schools have traditionally operated and what we can do to improve upon them. Here are just a few of these questions:

24/7 Learning Academy - Accepting enrollments today

Why are students taught like they’re all exactly the same?

Carrie loves chemistry and physics, has a natural knack for numbers and is passionate about programming robots. Malcolm is a very strong writer and loves to read about politics and current events. Despite very different strengths and interests, their schedules at school most likely look identical. It’s no surprise why so many students find school boring. 

At the 24/7 Learning Academy, we believe that learning should be personalized to match each student’s interests and learning style. With the help of their mentors and advisors, students will have the ability to create a curriculum that includes skill development, internships, projects, and content designed to fuel their passions and love of learning.

How can schools better leverage their communities to help students?

At 24/7 Learning Academy, our classroom extends far beyond our school walls. In the Orlando community, there are experts in just about every industry you can imagine. 
Whether a student wants to learn more about journalism, engineering, graphic design, or medicine, we will facilitate learning opportunities through things like internships, expert visits, and job shadows.

Most high school students don’t yet know what they want to do professionally, so what better way for them to learn about these industries than to get some meaningful hands-on experience?

What skills should students be learning in school?

So often students graduate high school and college unprepared for their professional careers. That’s because no industry requires their workers to memorize facts and take multiple choice tests. 

At 24/7 Learning Academy, we think that what happens in school should reflect what happens in the real world. Our curriculum emphasizes “learning by doing.” Through a variety of projects, students will develop critical skills such as project management, communication, and collaboration that will prepare them for success.

We look forward to working with students and parents in Orlando and would love to see you at our upcoming open houses (sign up below!) to share more about our school and to hear your thoughts on how we can best serve our students.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 (RSVP)

131 O'Brien Road

Fern Park FL 32730

6:30pm – 8:00pm

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 (RSVP)

131 O'Brien Road

Fern Park FL 32730

6:30pm – 8:00pm

24/7 Learning Academy Advances to the Finals in the $50 Million XQ: The Super School Project Grant Challenge


24/7 Learning Academy, an EdTech non-profit, advanced to the final round of a national grant competition and is in the running for a $10 million grant from the XQ: Super School Project to rethink and reimagine the American High School.

“We’re extremely honored and excited to have advanced to the final stages of the XQ Super School Project.  It has been a journey of exploration, sacrifice, teamwork, and innovative thinking that has shaped our vision and path to building the smart school of the future,” says Justice Jones, Co-founder of 24/7 Learning Academy.  “We are thankful and humbled by what we have achieved and the positive impact we can have on the communities we will serve.” 

24/7 Learning Academy will be the first charter high school in Burlington County, New Jersey, located in the town of Willingboro.  This groundbreaking charter school is committed to prepare and enable students of Burlington County to live fruitful and rewarding lives as valued contributors to society.  24/7 Learning Academy’s core team designed an educational model that focuses on personalized and experiential learning approaches that will provide a holistic education.  Students will not only take their core competencies and selected electives; they will play an active role in their education. Students will achieve this by choosing an educational track based on their interests in different fields, such as healthcare, finance, law and advocacy, the arts, and entrepreneurship while learning through real-world internships in their selected track, and community projects.

“I cannot adequately express the excitement that I have in playing a role in bringing the school of the future to my hometown,” stated Diallyo Diggs, Co-founder of 24/7 Learning Academy.  “Our team has worked diligently to create a learning institution that will consistently grow and develop with our students and our community.  I hope, through this school, we can demonstrate how truly collaborative education can be and how educating our youth is truly a community activity.”

Being true to its name, 24/7 Learning Academy is changing the concept of the traditional 8-hour school day with an on-site facility open 24/7 by providing students and parents 24/7 access to technological and educational resources.   In addition, 24/7 Learning Academy will offer schedule flexibility which will provide students with the opportunity and time, during school hours, to gain real-life, hands-on experience through internships and participation in community activities, while still attending to their schoolwork.  “By throwing away the convention of an 8-hour school day, our mission is a school that provides our students with a 21st Century education by combining traditional content, real-life skills, and social development 24/7,” says Widlyne Antoine-Filion, Co-founder. 

XQ: The Super School Project, launched in September 2015, is an open call to rethink and redesign the American High School. Thousands of applicants and tens of thousands of supporters from towns and cities across the country have united to take on this important work. Teams of students, teachers, parents, and community leaders, to name just a few, came together to conceptualize innovative models for 21st-century learning and create a pathway to success for students.