The combination of project-based and personalized learning, real-world experiences, leadership development, and extensive use of technology, allows 24/7 Learning Academy to be a transformative experience for learners, families, and communities.

Project Based Learning and Personalized Learning Plans
Entrepreneurship Training and Leadership Development
Technology Infused curriculum and low student/educator ratio
College and Career Preparation, Internships, Workstude

OUR hybrid Onsite Learning schedule

Our schedule and educational programs are designed to give learners a realistic picture of the responsibilities and level of discipline needed to be successful in college and professional settings.  They will empower learners by fostering independence, ownership, and the necessary skills to become thought leaders and productive global citizens.


OUR hybrid Classroom

An essential part of the 24/7 Learning Academy is the ability to have both onsite and remote learners learning and participating simultaneously within one classroom. We will have the opportunity to share our classroom and instruction with students across the globe. Both learners and instructors can effectively engage in the learning process from any internet ready device, anywhere in the world, in real time.

Our Learning Projects and Professional Tracks

24/7 Learning Academy offers learners interdisciplinary learning projects focused on problem-solving in their communities and leadership development, as well as internships, apprenticeships, and entrepreneurial opportunities in the following professional areas:

Health and Wellness
Web Design and Coding
Arts and Media
Agriculture and Alternative Energy


There’s no better way to understand a profession or skill than by actually doing it, which is exactly what our internships, apprenticeships, and work-study programs offer: a chance to do meaningful, hands-on work in the field of your choice. Why spend four years in college studying for a career you’ve never experienced?

An intense and rewarding educational experience: We offer a chance to “learn by doing” and work to broaden our learners' understanding of the research and preparation process and the careers available by providing authentic working experiences in a professional setting in their community. 


Kids are being taught to train for the test, rather than seeking novel and unique ways of doing things. No two kids are wired the same, nor should their contribution, creativity, and talent be viewed or developed from the same standard.

— Benjamin P. Hardy