Our Learners

The core premise of the 24/7 Learning Academy is that learners (students) need schools that are designed to prepare them for the dynamic, fast-changing, challenging, and culturally rich landscape being created by the rapid pace of social change, the development of new technology, the process of globalization, and the human impact on our world. The Academy is a micro school that utilizes project-based and personalized learning models; therefore, learners need to seek a learning experience that is relevant and self-directed.


24/7 Learning Academy seeks to enroll learners who possess or desire to develop the following qualities:

  • Innovative, seeking an out-of-the-box educational experience, hands-on, experiential learning
  • Self-discipline, self-directed, mature

  • Attentive in class, focused on learning and the learning process

  • Strong work ethic, plan their studies

  • Great team players

  • Seeks connection and relevance in their learning

  • Connect with passionate, joyful teachers

  • Seeks greater connection to community, volunteer

  • Seeks positive, nurturing atmosphere, small classroom
  • Have a desire to improve skill and ability

  • Driven to excel, challenge themselves

  • Potential leaders, motivated, can-do attitude

  • Strong desire to express themselves creatively, values self-expression, creativity, emotional authenticity

  • Strong ability to focus, values knowledge, originality, curiosity

  • Independent yet cooperative learner

  • Resourceful, grit, respectful


24/7 Learning Academy is able to service learners with the following Accommodations/Modifications:


Considerations for Instructional Strategies

o   Allow extra time to process new abstract concepts

o   Break down math processes into smaller chunks

o   Use of assistive technology (must be provided by parents and compatible with the school’s system)

o   A curriculum which can be modified where and when needed (personalized learning)

o   Opportunities to be included in the community

o   A solid transition plan with realistic goals and objectives

o   Ongoing reading, writing & math

o   Different presentation formats (visual, auditory)

o   Alternate response modes

o   Assignments separated into parts


Considerations for Assessment

o   Provide timely and descriptive feedback

o   Initiate self and peer assessment where appropriate

o   Allow extra time for assignments, projects, and exams

o   Use of assistive technology

o   Assign hands-on projects, and written and/or oral reports when possible

Available Resources and supports     

o   Learners Success/Support Team

o   Peer mentor

o   Computer lab/assistive technology lab

o   Accessibility