Justice Jones

Justice Jones

Justice Jones is a transformational leader, educator, entrepreneur, patented inventor, curriculum developer, business strategist, and professional coach. He has an MBA and BA in Economics and firmly believes that total freedom is being completely committed to something bigger than yourself. 

The most influential educator that changed his life was Rebecca Stanford.  She was an educator in the Newark, New Jersey Public school system and showed Justice that education and dedication could empower a community and lead to personal freedom.

 Widlyne Antoine Filion

Widlyne Antoine Filion

Widlyne is an entrepreneur, educator, and trainer with over 17 years of educational experience. Widlyne has a BA in Theology with a minor in elementary education as well as a MA in Reading/Language Arts and a TESOL certificate from TESL Canada.

In the fifth grade, Widlyne was inspired by Mrs. Pascale, who would allow Widlyne to teach her fifth grade class in her absence because she noticed that Widlyne had a knack for teaching. Mrs. Nikolas, her middle school teacher at Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Boston, also had a profound impact on Widlyne. She always told Widlyne that she was “given much; therefore much is required of her.” These educators sparked a fire in Widlyne to become the type of educator that inspires and ignites a desire in her students to pursue any of their aspirations in life.

 David Arnstein

David Arnstein

David Arnstein has been an educator, trainer, and leader for the past 32 years. He earned his bachelor of science and engineering degree in Chemical Engineering at Princeton University and his master's degree in Education at Antioch New England. He has worked as an educator and leader in some of the top private schools in the country.

The teacher who had the biggest impact on his life and learning was his High School English teacher, Peggy Montgomery.  Miss Montgomery saw potential in him that he had no idea was there.  She encouraged him to write, to join the staff of the literary magazine, and to participate in class performances of poetry and plays.  Miss Montgomery had high expectations for his work, and he strove to meet and exceed these expectations.  Through her support and guidance,  he became a confident and self-directed learner - and developing those skills changed his life.

 Diallyo Diggs

Diallyo Diggs

Diallyo is an entrepreneur, educator with an MBA, a Juris Doctorate, and a BS in Criminal Justice.   He specializes in corporate finances and strategy, college entrance test prep (SAT, LSAT, GRE and ACT), and is a college entry specialists.

Diallyo started several companies including a consulting firm focused on companies looking to do business with the federal government. He considers himself a lifelong student and teacher and always looks for ways to learn and improve in every business situation he encounters.

One of the biggest influencers on Diallyo’s love of education was his fifth grade teacher, Dr. James Irby, who showed Diallyo what a teacher truly could be and how proper education could open up the world to an individual no matter what their status in life.

 Logan Best

Logan Best

Logan has a BA from Savana College for Art and Design (SCAD), is an entrepreneur, a FAA Licensed Drone Pilot, speaks five languages (English, Spanish, Welsh, Mandarin, Japanese) and has a strong passion for education, entrepreneurship, technology, and web development.

The biggest influential educator for him was his high school teacher James Bauernfeind. He was an educator in Mt. Juliet, TN, teaching both Criminal Justice and Broadcast Media Production as well as lead annual trips to Europe with his family and friends and openly invited his best students. His mentorship was top notch and drove his peers to excel in their strengths.

 Ledger Kellier

Ledger Kellier 

Ledger has a BS in Electrical Engineering, is an entrepreneur, a patented inventor, renewable energy contractor, and a Six Sigma consultant.  He has a passion for education and inventing things that improves quality of life for all.

He was fortunate enough to come from a family of educators.  They helped shape his formative years and gave him a thirst for education, however the teacher that made the greatest impression was his 10th grade SECME teacher  Mrs.Abbey O'Connor.  She was able to make a connection with him which helped shape who he is  today and for that he is eternally grateful.

 David Golkin

David Golkin

David is an entrepreneur and educator with a BA in Psychology, a MSED in Child Hood and Special Education , and a MBA from The Wharton School.  He has a passion for education, operations, and strategy.

The most influential educator in David's life was Jim Campbell, his 6th grade teacher. Mr. Campbell made learning fun and filled every lesson with humor and real life application where at times David knew he was teaching but we didn't know we were learning.  He has became a life long educator because of Mr. Campbell's influence on his early learning experiences.



Erica has received her Bachelor’s Degree in Exceptional Student Education K-12 and Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership. Currently, Erica is a 4th grade teacher who endeavors daily to create and maintain a learning environment that promotes creativity, nurtures social-emotional growth, and provides opportunities for self-reflection and self-correction.

Mrs. Cromartie, Erica Oscar's 5th grade teacher, invested time and passion in ensuring her students’ growth during their primary and secondary years of schooling. She made sure to build a strong foundation for her students in elementary education and taught them that this foundation could be used to be their guiding light throughout their lifetime.

 Brandon Gambone


Brandon is entering his Junior year, pursuing a BFA in Graphic Design at SUNY Purchase. He is currently an Intern at 247 Teach with experience in Public Relations, Visual Design, and Logo design.

Brandon found his passion and desire to learn through his High School teacher, Ms. Fox. She was not only a teacher, but an educator and a friend to him.



Chavenus Forrest has a BS degree in Psychology and Human Services and a Master’s in Human Resource Management. She joined 24/7 teach as a Human Resources and Operations Intern because she believes that education is the key to the future, and that teachers are the core of an effective education system.

The professor who had the biggest impact on Chavenus was Dr. Eric Bridges. He is a faculty member in the Department of Psychology at Clayton State University. Dr. Bridges showed Chavenus that true learning isn’t achieved by just lecturing and assigning textbook concepts for students to memorize, but by also teaching in an enjoyable way that makes those concepts memorable, relatable and useful to everyday life.

 Michelle McNichol


Michelle has spent the last nine years helping boys move up the ranks of the Boy Scouts of America and assist them to be the leaders of tomorrow.

The educator that made the largest impact on Michelle's life is Mrs. Halverson. She taught her never to give up and invested time to make sure she was a successful student. Michelle is a very proud mother of two beautiful children at the ages of 16 and 5 and is glad to have an opportunity to show them and everyone else that you can put your mind to it you can accomplish anything.


 Amanda Maldonado


Amanda Maldonado is a Certified Public Accountant with extensive experience across multiple industries including financial services, entertainment and technology. As a certified Kaizen Coach, Amanda has a passion for driving business process improvements and operational excellence.  Amanda has a BS in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and minor in Sociology from Boston University.

Her most influential educator was a high school teacher, Mr. Harkness, who taught her to think outside the box and was the first teacher who really challenged her.