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Leadership and Soft Skills for Teens - Seminar

Leadership and Soft Skills for Teens
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In this seminar, teenagers will focus on developing the transferable humanistic skills needed to be relevant and viable professional and leader. The focus will be on critical life skills such as; Self-Confidence, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Skills, and Managing Stress.

Why Learn This

Teenagers today often need to balance school, work and relationships while at the same time, working and planning for their future. This course can help teens become more confident and better able to cope with the pressure and stress adolescents face.

How it will help you

The most successful people today have fundamental soft skills. This course will give you the tools needed to develop those skills.


  • Building Self-Confidence

  • Enhancing Communication Skills

  • Interpersonal Skill Development

  • Teamwork and Leadership Skills

  • Effective Attitude Management

  • The power of discipline and self control

  • How to create value for yourself and others

Who Takes This Workshop:

Teenagers who want to develop or improve their Soft Skills

Attendance and Technology Requirements:

This workshop is available via one of our Virtual  Classrooms, and can be accessed by any smart device with internet access.  (Learn and participate anywhere you can access the internet)

  • Other Needs:

  • A notepad and pen

Program Duration:

  • 1 Day, with additional follow up

Approximate Time requirements:

  • 8 Hours: (4 Hours in Session with live Mentorship, 4 Hours, self-paced with additional mentorship follow up)

At Graduation You Receive:

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Portfolio of completed work and proof of performance