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Safe Social Networking and Digital Citizenship for Teens - Seminar

Social media represents a significant form of social interaction and communication for teens. Young learners rely on social media in the same way telephone calls or email used to predominate. The types of social media have also expanded from Facebook to Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, texting, and phone apps.

Thus it is crucial for teens to learn how to be responsible digital citizens and how to use social networking in positives ways that will secure their future, not hurt it.

Why you want your teen to learn this:

Social media is an increasingly important part of how teens communicate and connect day to day. Just about all students rely on social media of some kind as a part of their daily routines and it is our job that they understand how to use it wisely and not make any of the avoidable mistakes that can permanently damage their future.

How it will help you:

This seminar will help teenagers understand what positive digital citizenry and social networking is in order to be responsible for their digital profiles and not make mistakes that could be costly for their future.


  • How to be a positive digital citizen

  • How to use social media safely and ethically

  • Proper online communication

  • Online Privacy

  • What learners can do to stop Cyberbullying

  • The importance of online and offline balance

  • Selecting the right friends on Social Media

  • How to create income with your social media activities

Who Takes This Workshop:

Teenagers who want to learn positive digital citizenry and

Attendance and Technology Requirements:

This workshop is available via one of our Virtual  Classrooms, and can be accessed by any smart device with internet access.  (Learn and participate anywhere you can access the internet)

  • Other Needs:

  • A notepad and pen

Program Duration:

  • 1 Day, with additional follow up

Approximate Time requirements:

  • 8 Hours: (4 Hours in Session with live Mentorship, 4 Hours, self-paced with additional mentorship follow up)

At Graduation You Receive:

  • Certificate of Completion

  • Portfolio of completed work and proof of performance