Our current position with the XQ competition:

What is the Super School Project?

The Super School Project is a fund of $50 million national challenge supported and sponsored by the XQ Institute which is geared to inspire teams of educators as well as leaders from other sectors to devise new ideas on how high school instruction should be approached in the 21st century global economy. At the conclusion of the challenge, five schools nationally will be selected to receive $10 million each over five years, to implement their innovative ideas and be recognized as an example for other schools to emulate.

Our Current Position

24/7 Learning Academy is pleased to be a participant in the XQ Super School Project competition where its aim is to stimulate more creativity to re-design the next American high school to better address student needs, both today and into the future. The 247/Learning Academy team completed the XQ application by the February deadline and after a tense waiting period, the results were announced in early April that 247/ Learning Academy was among the successful projects designated to advance to the third and final phase of the competition and is in the running for the $10 million grant from XQ. The 24/7 Learning Academy team is truly excited and we will keep you abreast to this unique opportunity.

“Our team has worked diligently to create a learning institution that will consistently grow and develop with our students and our community. I hope, through this school, we can demonstrate how truly collaborative education can be and how educating our youth is truly a community activity.”
— Diallyo Diggs, Co-founder of 24/7 Learning Academy